Does Your Dog Have Id Tags?

Over half of the UK’s dog owners today have not purchased dog id tags before….

Do you fall in to that category?

Maybe it’s never crossed your mind.

Maybe you haven’t found the right style…

Or maybe it’s the price?

Whatever the reason, today we’re here to show you not only WHY you should be buying dog id tags, but also where you should get them from….

Hint hint: They’re totally free and come with free engraving!

Just pay the shipping…

But more on that in a minute!

Dog ID Tags are the cheapest, fastest way to decrease the chance of loosing your pet.

It require no complicated surgery, no expensive kits….

They are small, simple, engravable and most of the time good value for money!

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and can even be customized to add your own spin on things!

The choices out there are good….

But how much better would it be if you could get your dog some id tags completely free!

Better yet, if you could get your free dog tags engraved free as well!

Well somehow, there is a place that offers this service.

We first discovered them on FaceBook and we suggest you do the same…




Dog Id Tags

The only place online we would ever buy of dog id tags.

Take advantage of the free + shipping offer that is currently on offer!

Select your favourite id tag, choose the colour and get it engraved completely free!

Simply cover the cost of shipping and handling and let them know where to send it!

Truly exceptional!

Do not let your dog go without Id tags. The stress and heart-break simply isn’t worth it.

Invest a couple of quid in to a brand new dog id tag today!

It may just be the best few pounds you’ve ever spent.