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Looking For Pet Id Tags You Can Trust For Cheap?
Directory Blu has you covered!

Looking for cheap pet id?

Below are the full details of our number #1 retailer for cheap, fancy and custom pet id tags online. This collection is for DB members ONLY and has no expiry date.

All the Pet iD tags you see in the collection have the discount code already applied to the final price.

Review: 5 / 5

Customer satisfaction rules all with this social media giant. In today’s pet dominated world, companies make huge profits by raising their margins as high as they can at the cost of customers like you and I.

This company however started out on Facebook. What that means is an improved focus on customer satisfaction on all their pet products; from cheap id tags for pets to dog harnesses and cat necklaces.

Directory Blu’s no #1 online pet tags retailer is without a doubt:

– Brand: Dog Tags For Pets

– Discount Collection:

Look Inside!

We’ve done all the checking for you…

…But just incase you wanted to check yourself, here’s an overview of why we love Dog Tags For Pets so much, and why they offer the best pet ids online!

Customer Testimonials:

Dog tags for pets have the biggest collection of customer reviews (specifically for cheap pet id tags) on the internet!

Here’s just a few…

pet id testimonials

Pet Speciality Products:

Dog tags for pets offer more than cheap pet ids. They also offer pet specific products at the cheapest prices found online.

Here’s their 4 collections on offer with our link:


As you can see, fancy pet tags with custom engraved id is not all these guys can offer.

At DB we’ve been a loyal customer of this retailer for many years and due to a surge of requests for id tags recently we feel this will help solve the “missing dog” epidemic happening in the UK right now.

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